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Little River AC and Heating

The cooling and heating system in your house is something you and your family rely on all year. At Swift Services Heating & Cooling we understand the importance of keeping you and your family comfortable and safe. That's why we offer our assistance to our customers across the Grand Strand 24/7. Our Little River AC and heating services include HVAC repair and maintenance, duct cleaning, air purification services, new system installation and much more!

Little River is one of the oldest communities in South Carolina boasting some of the best seafood in the area. This quiet and welcoming community is located only a short drive from all major Grand Strand attractions and its beaches. Because of the town's long history one can find a variety of houses in the area, from older brick homes to new construction featuring all modern updates. Our team of specialists at Swift Services is familiar with all of the different heating and cooling systems, and has been helping residents and business owners of Little River with any repair or maintenance calls for many years.

Our extensive experience has taught us when it comes to prolonging the life of a heating and cooling system there is nothing better than regular maintenance. When it comes to HVAC maintenance there are slightly different things to consider depending on the season.

Little River AC and Heating Maintenance in the Spring

Spring in Little River marks the beginning of warm weather which means getting ready for a long cooling season ahead. Before you get ready to start cooling your home you should go outside and take a look at your ac unit. During cool winter months there is not much landscape work to do so there might be some debris around your air conditioner which needs to be cleared away. Weeds and other vegetation might have already started to grow around your unit so make sure to take care of these as well.

Warm weather means trees and flowers create new buds and new growth  which means there is pollen everywhere. Pollen is one of the main irritants causing some of the worst allergic reactions. One of the most important steps regarding Little River ac and heating maintenance is replacing your air filter. Air filters not only protect you from allergens but also any other particles in the air. If you neglect your air filter you force your entire HVAC system to work harder and less efficient endangering your family's health in the process.

Depending on your appliance you may also need to change the settings on your thermostat from heating to cooling. If you happen to have programmable thermostat now would be a perfect time to think about your schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly so you don't run your AC full blast 24/h.

A skilled homeowner can do a lot when it comes to air conditioning system maintenance. However, there are certain tasks which you may consider leaving to a professional. Spring is a great time to schedule duct cleaning service. There are all kinds of pollutants which can get trapped in your air ducts affecting your whole HVAC system. A Little River AC and heating specialist will make sure to completely clean every component of your system.

An air conditioning contractor can also clean your unit's condenser coils. Since your unit is located outdoors condenser coils become coated with dirt, dust and other debris. The coils in your system are responsible for moving hot air outside so it's crucial they operate at the highest efficiency. Additionally, checking the refrigerant level and recharging it, if necessary, also should be better left to a professional.

Little River AC and Heating Maintenance in the Fall and Winter

The weather in the fall in Little River SC is more pleasant than any other times of the year. With low humidity and warm temperatures it's a great time to be outside and do some cleaning around your AC unit. This is also a perfect time to open windows and give your HVAC system a rest after a hot summer.

Oftentimes during the summer, when kids are at home most of the time, toys and other items get moved around. Back to school is a good time to walk around your house making sure none of your vents are blocked or covered which would obstruct the airflow in your house.

Little River AC and Heating

When temperatures start dropping you should double check your thermostat and switch from cooling to heating, if your thermostat operates this way. Again, think about your family's day and lower the temperature for the times when there is no one in your home for an extended period of time. Additionally, late fall and winter are usually the time for many holiday parties and other festivities. If you have a lot of company over lower your thermostat and give your HVAC system a rest.

Everyone knows the importance of using ceiling fans in the summer but many homeowners are not aware you should also use them in the fall and winter. Did you know that if you set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise they will make the room feel warmer? The way it works is when fan blades rotate clockwise they pull cold air up and and the updraft pushes warm air which naturally rises to the ceiling. When pushed by the updraft the warm air moves along the walls and back to the floor. If you feel warmer you can lower the temperature on the thermostat which makes your ac and heating appliance work more efficiently.

Last but not least, our specialists at Swift Services Heating & Cooling would like to warn you about being careful when operating any heating sources such as fireplaces, space heaters, furnaces or cooking equipment. Every year there are thousands of home fires caused by heating equipment. One of the most important things is to never leave any heater unattended, don't plug it into an extension cord and don't use a heater with a damaged cord or plug.

If you are interested in scheduling annual maintenance for your Little River AC and heating system give us a call at 843-236-9060 or send us a message. We'd love to hear from you!

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