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North Myrtle Beach AC and Heating Repair

Swift Services Heating & Cooling has been a professional air conditioning contractor serving residents of Grand Strand for many years. Our North Myrtle Beach AC and heating repair team will assist you 24/7 with any of your HVAC related issues. Apart from repair services, our extensive offer includes new air conditioning system installation, maintenance, air duct cleaning, air purification services and more.

North Myrtle Beach AC and Heating Repair

North Myrtle Beach is a gorgeous area which is full of entertainment attracting tourists from all over the country all year long. There are several wonderful communities within North Myrtle Beach such as Barefoot Resort, Cherry Grove, Crescent Beach, Little River, Ocean Drive, Shore Drive, Windy Hill Beach and Atlantic Beach. From enjoying beaches and the ocean, through dining in great restaurants, shopping and golfing to busy nightlife, visitors have a ton of venues to explore. Many tourists who come to visit decide to make North Myrtle Beach a more permanent location and either move here or purchase a second home which they rent whenever they don't use it.

As one of the businesses who has been on the Grand Strand for a long time, Swift Services Heating & Cooling works with many owners of rental properties whenever they need assistance with their AC or heating systems. Every rental property owner wants to see a good return on their investment and to do that one must keep a close eye on the expenses. Therefore, some of our customers often ask us what they can do to better control the energy bill in their properties especially during the time when they rent it. As part of our North Myrtle Beach AC and heating services, our team of technicians can create a special home energy report to find ways to reduce your energy bill.

Easy Energy Efficiency Tips from our North Myrtle Beach AC and Heating Repair Experts

With the help of technology there are a few things owners can do themselves without breaking the bank to lower their electric bill. Additionally, by making your property more energy efficient it extends the lifetime of your appliances, especially an HVAC system, resulting in fewer service calls. Below we gathered a few tips and suggestions from our North Myrtle Beach AC and heating experts.

Programmable Thermostat 

By far, the number one advice we give our customers is to invest in a good quality programmable thermostat. Renters don't always realize they can lower the energy bills by regulating the temperature inside. As an owner, you can program the thermostat so the HVAC system doesn't run at full capacity 24/7. For example, during the colder months, you can program the thermostat to lower the temperature at night and start heating up in the morning hours when the occupants wake up. Be sure to talk to us about when it's not a good time to use a programmable thermostat.

Insulation Gaskets

Cold or hot air, depending on the season, can get inside your house in a variety of ways. If you ever put your hand next to an outlet and feel the air coming in you realize air leaks are a serious problem considering the amount of outlets inside a property. Wall plate insulation gaskets are a special foam seal which can be installed over the wire box under the cover plate from a switch or an outlet box.  They are very inexpensive and they can save you a lot of money in the long run!


Another way to limit the air leaks in your house is to caulk around windows and doors. Missing caulk is a common problem especially if you own an older property. Also, caulking is not hard but it requires patience. Don't rush through the process and you will be rewarded with a perfect seal.

Power Strips

TVs, laptops and smart phone chargers are just a few of the many devices which we leave plugged in to the walls at all times. Most people know that if you don't use an electronic device but you leave it plugged in it uses standby power which is basically leaking electricity. If you don't want to pay for something you don't use consider investing in power strips. Power strips come in a variety of sizes and prices depending on how many additional functions they have. Asking your tenant to turn off power strips when they don't use them may obviously be problematic. However, you can now purchase smart energy strips which detect if a device is pulling power and if it's not the smart strip automatically shuts down outlets. You would be amazed how much it reduces power usage in your home!

Water Heater Settings

Another simple tip from our North Myrtle Beach AC and heating experts is to adjust your water heater settings leaving it at the lowest comfortable temperature setting. You'd be surprised how often the settings are too high resulting in a burning hot shower. This simple fix doesn't require any extra cost and can make a big difference in your electric bill. For most uses, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is hot enough. New water heaters, by default, are usually set at 140 degrees, or higher!

Energy Efficient Bulbs

Nowadays, consumers are offered an enormous choice of energy efficient lighting options. With so many colors and shapes to choose from there is no reason why you can't switch to LED or CFL light bulbs for the majority of light sources at your property. These lights bulbs are more expensive but definitely worth it and recommended by experts.

If you're interested in getting your house more energy efficient contact our North Myrtle Beach AC and heating team of professionals at Swift Services Heating & Cooling by giving us a call at 843-236-9060 or send us a message.

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