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Heating and Cooling Services in Myrtle Beach

Swift Services Heating & Cooling is the premier choice for home comfort throughout the Grand Strand. We provide high-quality Myrtle Beach heating and cooling services utilizing the latest technologies known for being the most energy-efficient.


Are you experiencing problems with your HVAC system? Our technicians at Swift Services Heating, Cooling & Electrical are available 24/7 to assist you with any repair needs. The cost of our emergency repair service is the same no matter what day or time it is. We don't believe in extra charges. Is your air conditioning unit operational but you're not receiving the level of comfort you expect? No matter how small or how complicated your issue is our team of certified professionals will provide you with the best solution. To avoid further damage or injury please leave the repair of any HVAC system to a professional!


It happens all the time, especially with older AC units, when repair service can not solve the issue anymore. The HVAC systems found in older homes are not very energy efficient comparing to today's standards. At the same time, new homes sometimes come with AC units chosen by a builder whose main concern was the cost not the efficiency. Our Myrtle Beach heating and cooling team of professionals can easily determine if you should consider a new system installation. Swift Services Heating, Cooling & Electrical offers some great promotions to help offset the cost of a new system installation. Read more about our latest offers here. We can also assist you with replacing your thermostat with a programmable and/or WiFi thermostat which can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home.


It's pretty bad when your AC unit stops cooling but it's especially bad when it stops cooling in the middle of the night in August! One of the main reasons for a failing HVAC system is lack of proper maintenance. To limit the number of emergency repairs we suggest you to schedule a maintenance call with our Myrtle Beach heating and cooling specialists in the Spring and in the Fall. During the maintenance visit our technicians will check all the components of your system such as thermostat, electrical connections, refrigerant levels, condensation drain, air filter and more! The regular maintenance extends the live of your HVAC system and makes your home much more energy-efficient.

Heating and Cooling Services in Myrtle Beach

Swift Services Heating, Cooling & Electrical has decades-long experience assisting residential and commercial clients in the area with any heating and cooling problems. We proudly serve our customers in Horry and Georgetown Counties including Myrtle Beach, Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Longs, Loris, Surfside Beach, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Georgetown, Garden City, Litchfield and Marion.

Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning RepairĀ 

Some of the most popular heating and cooling systems among the residents of Myrtle Beach are central air conditioning systems which include heat pumps, split-systems and packaged units, as well as window ac units and portable air conditioners. Our team of specialists at Swift Services Heating, Cooling & Electrical specializes in repair of all AC systems, including less popular ones such as ductless systems and geothermal heating and cooling. Some of the most common problems with a central air conditioning system are related to thermostat settings, poorly sealed ducts, dirty compressor or dirty air filter. Upon arrival, after investigating the problem our trained professionals will thoroughly explain the issue with your HVAC system and give you an honest estimate.

Myrtle Beach Heating Repair

In the South, for the most part of the year, we want to make sure our air conditioner is cooling the house properly. An average homeowner in the Grand Strand rarely thinks about heating the house until there is a sudden cold snap in January. Even if your heat pump or furnace works properly some parts of the house may still not feel heated due to the problems with ductwork, registers and others. Rest assured, out Myrtle Beach heating and cooling technicians at Swift Services are ready 24/7 to come and help you with your central heating system, and any of its components.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are one of the most popular choice when it comes to heating or cooling in the Myrtle Beach area. And with a good reason since heat pumps are one of the most efficient HVAC solutions for areas with a moderate climate such as ours. Installing a new heat pump is not an easy process and requires a team of trained professionals. Before the new heat pump is purchased an HVAC specialist needs to analyze a particular house and determine what would be the right amount of AC tonnage needed for this property, and what should be the unit's SEER value. Choosing a new heat pump requires a lot experience and training. At Swift Services we make sure our customers get the best return on your investment!

Dehumidifier System

Residents of the South know a lot about humidity. Humidity affects the heat index and in short, makes us feel even hotter than the thermometer indicates. Humidity is a dangerous factor in a house since it increases the risk of mold growth. A whole home dehumidifier system draws excess moisture out of the air leaving your house cool and comfortable. Dehumidifier system is also a great investment since it lowers the overall cost of cooling. Your air conditioning unit gets rid off some of the moisture from your home but it has to work twice as hard to do so than a dehumidifier system. Call Swift Services and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about dehumidifier systems.

Air Purification System

Are you dreading the Spring every year and the yellow pollen dust covering everything in your surrounding? Residents of the Myrtle Beach area are way too familiar with pollen and all the pesky allergy symptoms which come along with it. If your Spring allergies are making your miserable you should consider an air purification system for your home. Air purification systems are not only designed to rid the indoor air of pollen but also dust, dander and many other airborne particles. There are many ways you can improve the air quality in your home. Contact our Myrtle Beach heating and cooling specialists to learn more!

Duct Cleaning

Swift Services Heating, Cooling & Electrical specializes in duct cleaning and we especially recommend it to anyone whose house experienced major flooding or recently underwent major renovations. It is also a good idea to have your ducts cleaned when you buy a new home since there may be a lot of construction debris, saw dust, dry wall scraps and more. If you're interested in duct cleaning services make sure you hire a professional Myrtle Beach heating and cooling contractors, and stay away from ads offering "Quick Whole House Duct Cleaning for only $69". High quality duct cleaning service involves sophisticated equipment and takes several hours.

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